Chiropractic and Myofascial

“If you would seek health, look first to the spine.” 



The basic premise of chiropractic care is that the body will work better and feel better if proper motion and movement is present within the joints and within the muscles.  In order to achieve this, Dr. Kira uses a variety of techniques depending upon what you have going on, what the condition of your spine or joint currently is, and your personal preference.  There are very gentle ways of introducing movement to a joint, so discuss any concerns you may have with Dr. Kira, and she will only use adjusting styles with which you are comfortable. 

Here is a specific list of adjusting techniques Dr. Kira may use:

  • Hands on (Diversified/Gonstead)
  • Table Assisted (Drop Table/Cox Flexion Distraction)
  • Instrument Assisted (Activator)
  • SOT blocks
  • Extremity adjusting

In addition to these adjusting techniques for the joints, Dr. Kira also uses a variety of soft tissue therapies to help resolve pain and dysfunction.  These include:

  • Trigger point therapy
  • Dry needling
  • Myofascial Release
  • Gua sha
  • Cupping





Chiropractic is great for:


Low back pain

Neck pain

Jaw/TMJ pain

Shoulder complaints

Hip and knee injuries

Disc injuries





Muscle spasms

Shoulder blade pain


Postural correction

and more…


What to Expect

When you call to make an appointment we will typically book you for three appointments.

  1. Initial appointment (45 min):  During your initial appointment Dr. Kira will do an extensive history to best understand your present condition and your current overall health status.  This will help her create a more well rounded treatment plan and will guide Dr. Kira in determining how well you will respond to care. If she determines this is a chiropractic case, Dr. Kira will provide some initial treatment to help with pain management and to begin the healing process. 
  2. Report of Findings (45 min):  During your second visit Dr. Kira will review the exam findings and more thoroughly explain your diagnosis and any contributing factors that might be preventing your recovery.  She will also deliver a more in depth treatment and lay out some stretches/exercises/self care advice to help you heal faster and to help prevent this from happening again in the future.
  3. Follow-up (30 min):  Your third visit is typically where we see how well you are responding to care.  Usually by the third appointment we have a good idea of how your body is healing and this will allow Dr. Kira to better predict how much care you will need and how soon you can get back to your regular activities if they have been affected by your current pain/discomfort. 

*Most appointments needed after the 3rd visit will be 15 min appointments unless otherwise requested by Dr. Kira. Every person is different, therefore each treatment plan will be tailored to fit your needs and goals.  Our goal is get you feeling better as quickly as possible while being sure you will not re-injure yourself.


Payment and Insurance policy

Most of the chiropractic services listed above are covered by insurance except dry needling.  We will gladly file any claims to your insurance company if you request it.  We also have very affordable self pay options.  Please call for information on our pricing.  

In-Network Insurances 

Blue Cross Blue Shield



** We will file out of network claims