Become a patient

Step 1

Get Scheduled 


Call our office at 919-845-3280 to start the process of becoming a patient. If you are unsure about what services you might need please do not hesitate to call and our staff will guide you in the right direction.  We are here to answer any and all of your questions.

Step 2

Fill out Paperwork

Fill out the paperwork for the type of appointment you are having. The options are chiropractic, functional medicine, or dry needling.  If you are not sure what type of appointment you need, please call and ask our front desk staff for clarification. 


Please have these filled out before your appointment time. For more information please refer to our Chiropractic page.

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 Functional medicine

These need to be filled out and returned a 48 hours before your scheduled appointment so Dr. Kira can review your case prior to your first appointment. If your paperwork is not received 48 hours in advance you will be rescheduled. For more information please refer to our Functional Medicine page.

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Dry needling Only 

If you have a referral from another health care provider for dry needling please let the staff know and bring the referral form with you to your first appointment.

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Step 3

Gather What You’ve Got & Get it to Us

The more information we have from you the better able we will be to help. If you can gather any test results (MRI, x-ray, blood work, etc.) you have and bring them in with you for your first visit that would help tremendously. 

Also, you can email your results to me at or fax them to us at 919-845-3276 attn: Dr. Kira Cervenka.

If you have any difficulty getting any of your records, let us know and our office staff can obtain a signed medical release form from you and request the information directly from your previous health care practitioners. 


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